Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kikuchiyo : Samurai 7 Characters

Kikuchiyo is a cyborg with a mechanized exoskeleton. He is originally a peasant until becoming a samurai to help others. He is often looked upon as a clown or a bother, as he gets angry easily and often causes trouble with his loud noise and clumsy ways.He is accepted as the seventh samurai after revealing he was also a farmer,like the pheasants of Kanna.He carries the largest of the swords, which also acts as a chainsaw.He is fiercely loyal to Kambei,and, when given recognition,he returns favors fourfold.He is well liked by the villagers, especially by little Komachi, who asks him to become her husband when she grows up, a request that he accepts in return for her keeping his fake family tree.He is the last to be killed,he died protecting Kanna from the crashing capital. {{anime voices|Kong Kuwata|Christopher Sabat}

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