Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Falling inLove With Pink

Neji didn’t know if God had truly hated him, or perhaps it was karma making him suffer for cutting his uncle’s hair when he was young, sending the intimidating clan lord into a heap of frustration and tons of hair-growing tonic, but whatever it was, he sure hoped that it would rot in hell.

He was currently walking around Konoha with a pink-haired medic, latched onto his arm, no doubt attracting the attention of every person within a five mile radius.

We are, after all, talking about Hyuuga Neji here. The most sought out bachelor in the whole of Konoha, not to mention the next Hyuuga clan lord who, by the way, is now groaning inwardly as men glared at him.

The reason for their hatred towards the long-haired future ANBU captain was none other than the petite girl clinging to his arm with a forced smile on her face, Haruno Sakura.

Being the Godaime’s apprentice had raised her popularity to new heights, especially with the male population of Konoha, and with her exotic looks she had managed to grab all of their attention. Even stick-up-his-ass Uchiha Sasuke had to admit that Sakura would be a perfect bride which left him wondering what was the current objective of their… walk.

As he remembered the threatening faces of Uzumaki Naruto and Tenten, he finally remembered why they were displaying themselves around Konoha as a couple…

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