Sunday, March 15, 2009

Odie Garfield Wallpaper

Odie Garfield Wallpaper
Odie, a yellow, long-eared beagle who drools and walks on all four legs, was originally owned by Jon’s friend Lyman, though Jon adopted him after Lyman was written out of the strip. Odie is mostly portrayed as naive and unintelligent, though one strip showed him reading War and Peace and watching a television program, An Evening With Mozart, after Jon and Garfield had left the house. Odie is often subjected to physical abuse by Garfield (a running gag in the strip is Garfield kicking, pushing, or tricking Odie off the coffee table).Odie can show signs of being smart (such as holding a heavy rock while standing at the end of the table, which prevents Garfield from kicking him off, in fact Garfield hurts his foot).

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