Thursday, November 27, 2008

Naruto Vs Sasuke

If i activate Naruto vs Sasuke i was told my opponent can block with an OC ninja. They will not be able to get the Battle Rewards or draw the card due to winning the Battle. Is this true?

Also if they are sent out do to Naruto vs Sasuke will they also revieve the benefit of not receiving damage from NVS due to them not being affected by the NVS. If they can get around the genin only rule because the mission does not effect them they should receive damage since if one part of the mission makes it so they are not effected then they should not be effected by any part of the mission.

Does that also mean they have to be in a team by themselves since part of the effect of NVS says remove all genin from there current teams and since they are not genin they can not be removed from the team?

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